“After more than 25 years of being a surgeon and operating, pain in my neck and back became intolerable. Surgeons are beginning to be more open about this occupational hazard and a leading surgeon in Sweden mentioned on social media that the Alexander Technique was life-changing for him. I googled the words ‘Alexander technique’ and I found Andrea Fedele right here in the Houston area. She taught me basic techniques on how to sit, stand, hold my body, rest my body, and even how to maneuver my body and muscles during complex and often long surgical procedures. I am much more comfortable and at ease now and also grateful for these “life-changing” techniques I have learned. I have incorporated them into my entire life.”

– Henry Kuerer, MD, PhD, Professor of Surgery, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

“I’ve been the Music Director for the touring production of HAMILTON for some time, and prior to our recent stint at the Hobby center in Houston I had been feeling pain in my neck, shoulders, right arm and hand when playing the piano and conducting. Several musician friends recommended that I try Alexander Technique, and I was happy to find that Andrea was available to help me.

Right from the start, Andrea was amazing! I was completely new to the technique, and Andrea made sure she carefully explained what she was doing, and why, as we began our work. As the sessions went on, Andrea made sure I connected with both my body and the fundamentals of the technique so I was able to start introducing AT into my daily routine, and I’m very happy to say it made a difference pretty much straight away! 

I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher – Andrea was supportive, patient, interested in knowing as much as she could about my work and lifestyle so as to be best able to help me, and very clear and thorough in the explanation of the technique. She’s not a miracle worker – you have to do a lot of work yourself to apply the technique, but Andrea will give you all the tools to succeed in your quest for a pain free life. Book your session with Andrea now – you won’t regret it!”

– Julian Reeve, Music Director, Conductor, Musician

“While attending a speaker training event in 2015, it was recommended by a mentor that I find and begin work with an Alexander Technique coach. It was not because of any injury or back pain but rather because of my posture. Physicality is an important ingredient in public speaking. My tendency was to slouch my shoulders which was not congruent with the energy and topics of my speaking engagements. All too often, appearance in public speaking goes a long way.

 Upon my arrival in Houston, I googled “Alexander Technique coaches.” Andrea’s name appeared in my search. Being a former athlete with a mentality of “I can fix this myself” and “why do I need a movement coach,” I hesitantly reached out to Andrea. We scheduled a session for me to “explore” what this was all about. After meeting with her and doing some of the exercises, I quickly became sold on the Alexander Technique and Andrea.

 Working with Andrea on a weekly basis made me conscious of the way I was sitting, the way I was walking, and the way I was standing. Practicing her technique suggestions on my own provided me a sense of physical freedom as well as physical confidence. Even though no one mentioned it to me, audiences began to view me differently since my physicality was now more open and more in line with the energy of my talks. Even today, I am aware of my posture and still practice her simple at-home exercises she instructed me on.

I’m glad her name popped up when I did that google search. Learning more about the Alexander Technique with Andrea was well worth the investment. I’d do it over and over again. She has helped me a ton, and I know she will help you, too!”

– Jon Peters, Speaker at

– Stefanie Foster, PT, FAAOMPT, PRPC, PYT, WHNC

“The Alexander Technique work that I have done with Andrea Fedele, over the past two years, has been transformational in changing the ways in which I play wind instruments, from awkward and tense, to efficient and relaxed.   In the lessons, she typically observes and guides my positioning, as well as my breathing, which helps me play more musical as well as with greater ease. In addition to the help she continues to give me on alto & baritone saxophones, bassoon and contrabassoon, recorders and piano, she is now also helping me to work more effortlessly in my work as a massage therapist.  I continue to work with Andrea regularly, and foresee doing so for many years to come, as my ability play with greater and greater ease, under her guidance, shows no signs diminishing!”
– Richard Chandler, LMT, CA, PTP, massage therapist, yoga instructor and musician

“My lessons with Andrea were a revelation. In her I discovered a teacher who is both professional and nurturing, as well as being compassionate, warm, and fun to be with. Her instruction is enthusiastic, clear and precise. She is generous in her teaching and tries to customize the lessons to suite the pupil’s specific needs. Through my lessons I discovered, in a relatively short period of time, the physical benefits manifesting themselves in my cello playing. There was a greater ease and facility, a richer more open sound, and more importantly the lessons alleviated a great deal of tension in my playing that was causing considerable pain in my right shoulder. I highly recommend Andrea and her approach to the Alexander Technique.”
– Simone Uranovsky, cellist

“As a singer and conductor, I became interested in the Alexander Technique as a way to improve my crafts. I quickly learned how the Alexander Technique could improve my whole quality of life in addition to improving my music-making. Learning to use my body more efficiently has resulted in many less aches and pains. It has also helped me to improve my vocal technique by relieving my body of tension, thereby allowing my voice to become more free. And my choirs have begun to sing better because I am conducting with less tension! Since she is a musician herself, Andrea fully understands how musicians can misuse their bodies. She is wonderful to work with!”
– Rebekah Schulz, vocalist and conductor

“I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to take Alexander Technique lessons with Dr. Andrea Fedele for two years. I found my work with her to be of great benefit to me as applied to my conducting, cello playing, and general improvement of my use and coordination. At my recommendation, a number of my private cello students took lessons with her with excellent results. I also have invited her to work with my conducting class on a regular basis, and her work in a group setting was just as impressive as in private lessons; many of my students had shown a marked improvement in their posture, coordination, and overall conducting skills after having worked with her. I recommend Dr. Fedele highly and without reservations.”
– Maxim Samarov, cellist and conductor

“Lessons in the Alexander Technique taught me how to sit in a state of lumbrosacral poise, and my chronic low back pain gradually became cured. The Technique is true education. Compared to surgery for low back pain or chronic obstructive lung disease, a course of instruction is inexpensive.”
– John H. M. Austin, MD, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center

“The Alexander Technique helps to integrate the individual dancer plus all the systems that he or she has been exposed to… It is important to tell a student that there is a different way of moving free of grit force, interruptions, [and] habitual patterns of tension.”
– Trisha Brown, choreographer

“I relearned how to play the instrument through studying the Technique. There were things I had always been convinced that I was unable to do… As I learned to integrate the physical freedom and muscular flexibility from the Alexander Technique with information I already had about how to play the violin, a potential in me started coming out—like talent that had been held back.”
– Jorja Fleezanis, Concertmaster, Minnesota Orchestra

“The many obvious benefits that the technique afforded us as actors included minimized tension, centeredness, vocal relaxation and responsiveness, mind/body connection, and about an inch and a half of additional height. In addition, I have found in the ensuing years great benefits in my day-to-day living. By balancing and neutralizing tensions, I’ve learned to relieve as well as to avoid the aches and pain caused by the thousands of natural shocks that flesh is heir to.”
– Kevin Kline, actor

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