1. How is the Alexander Technique taught?
2. How much do lessons cost?
3. What is an Alexander lesson like?
4. Do you ever teach group classes or workshops?
5. How long does it take to get results?
6. Will I always need lessons?
7. How do I schedule a lesson?

How is the Alexander Technique taught?
Though group classes are useful for the purpose of introducing the Technique, this hands-on method is ideally taught in a series of one-on-one lessons with an AmSAT-certified instructor (an instructor who has completed a required three-year, 1600-hour training program that has been approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique). During the lesson, the Alexander student is guided through a variety of simple movements, learns to observe his or her habits and to change unwanted habits. There is also a part of the lesson during which the student lies on a table. During this part of the lesson the teacher helps the student to release muscular tensions.
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How much do lessons cost?

At my home studio:
Single lesson: $75
Full-time student ($10 off each lesson with ID): $65

Packages (must be paid in full at the first lesson of the package):
Introductory package (first three lessons only): $180
Month package (5% off 4 lessons): $285
Three-month package (10% off 10 lessons): $675
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What is an Alexander lesson like?
The Alexander teaching studio is equipped simply, with a supportive chair, a bodyworking table, and a mirror. The Alexander student wears loose, comfortable clothing that allows full range of movement.

In the first lesson, I will listen to your goals regarding lessons in the Alexander Technique and answer your questions, give you some background about what the Technique is, inform you of how lessons will proceed, and discuss with you any of your specific concerns. I will then begin hands-on work with you in order to get an idea of your habitual movement patterns. I may at this time begin to explain how your specific concerns are related to your total movement patterns.

In general during a lesson, you will be guided through a variety of simple movements such as getting in and out of a chair. During this time inefficient and harmful habits of misuse are identified and brought to your attention, and with touch and words, you will be gently guided to move in a new and easier way. In addition, I will work with people while they do specific activities such as playing an instrument, using a computer, practicing their golf swing, or lifting objects. There is also a part of the lesson during which you lie on a table. During this part of the lesson you become aware of habitual reactions and muscular tension and learn to release this muscular tension.

In between lessons you are able to compare your habitual way of moving with the new sensations that you feel in lessons, and the new standard that is developed in lessons. You can begin to become aware of unnecessary tension and to release that tension, allowing the musculature to lengthen and work more efficiently. With time, and equipped with this new standard of coordination learned through a series of lessons, you are able to apply the principles of the Technique in order to do everything that you do in the best way possible.
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Do you ever teach group classes or workshops?
Yes. Click here for more information.
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How long does it take to get results?
Most students begin to notice a difference within a few lessons. However, a series of 30 lessons taken consistently, not less than once per week, is usually what is recommended for lasting change. Some students feel like they are able to take what they learn in fewer lessons and work with that on their own, while other students continue to take lessons for a longer period of time to further refine their skills under the trained hands of an Alexander teacher. Taking more than one lesson per week for the first two or three weeks offers the student a more concentrated beginning to the process of change and a better understanding of how to apply the Technique in daily life. After that, lessons are spaced at once per week for a while, then every other week, or as your schedule allows.
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Will I always need lessons?
No. The Alexander Technique is an education, not a therapy. The goal of a series of lessons is your independence and self care. By the end of your series of lessons you will have developed skills that you are then able to apply to your daily activities on your own.
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How do I schedule a lesson?
Lessons are usually 40-45 minutes in length. A minimum course of 30 lessons taken once or twice per week is recommended, but not required. Please call me at 713-817-9100 or email me at [email protected] to schedule a lesson.
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